Eligible Certificate Courses



NE504: Radiation Safety and Shielding Fall
NE505: Reactor Systems Spring
NE512: Nuclear Fuel Cycle Fall
NE520: Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals Fall
NE521: Principles of Radiation Measurement Fall
NE541: Nuclear Nonproliferation Technology and Policy Spring
NE723: Reactor Analysis Fall
NE751: Nuclear Reactor Design Calculations Fall (odd years)
NE770: Nuclear Radiation Attenuation Fall (even years)
NE795: Characterization of Special Nuclear Material Spring (even years)
PS531: International Law Spring
PS533: Global Problems and Policies Spring
PS539: International Political Economy Fall
PS5**: Science, Technology, & International Security Fall
PS5**/NE5**: Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy & Process Spring
PA507: The Public Policy Process Spring
PA511: Public Policy Analysis Fall
PS5**: Nuclear Weapons Strategy and Proliferation Fall