Lab Mentor Description Status Student Advisor University
PNNL Computing, Math, & Data Sciences Internships Unfilled
LANL Jeff Favorite Deterministic transport calculations of neutron multiplicity moments Filled Sean O’Brien John Mattingly  NCSU
LANL Holly Trellue Automated generation of radiation source terms for Monte Carlo simulation of irradiated nuclear material Filled Garrett Dean John Mattingly  NCSU
LANL Michael Rising Monte Carlo modeling of integral and differential measurements of SNM Unfilled
ORNL Stephen Croft Modeling and analysis of subcritical neutron benchmark measurements Unfilled
PNNL Robert Brigantic Evaluating CONOPS for nuclear warhead monitoring and dismantlement using discrete event simulation Filled Nick Meyer Alyson Wilson  NCSU
PNNL Landon Sego Computational environment for complex data analytics ( Filled James Gilman Alyson Wilson  NCSU
PNNL Michael Fugate Inference problem for spent nuclear fuel Discussing Jacob Stinnett Clair Sullivan  UIUC
LANL TBA Developing acceleration schemes for discrete ordinates methods on unstructured grids Discussing TBA Yousry Azmy  NCSU
PNNL  Robert Brigantic  Incorporation of uncertainties in models used to improve energy efficiency in buildings
– or –
Models used to assess cyber and physical vulnerability assessment
 Discussing  TBA  Ralph Smith  NCSU
 PNNL  Nathan Baker  Bayesian formulations to construct probabilities associated with measurements for signature discovery  Discussing  TBA  Ralph Smith  NCSU
 PNNL  Jakob Stoustrup  Development and simulation of nonlinear control designs for power grids optimally robust under uncertainty  Discussing  TBA  Ralph Smith  NCSU
 LANL  Jaems Theiler  Hyperspectral data analysis  Discussing  Erik Skau  Hamid Krim  NCSU