As part of the nuclear security and nonproliferation community and recent
attendees at UITI, AFTAC is pleased to announce the AFTAC
Innovation Days 24-27 January 2017 at AFTAC’s facility on Patrick AFB, FL.
The purpose of this event is to provide industry with an opportunity for a
focused engagement with members of AFTAC to share ideas that facilitate the
delivery of innovative capabilities to the AFTAC mission.  The event will
consist of both an unclassified and classified general session, a match
maker/social event on the first day, the opportunity to display a vendor
booth the first day, and one-on-one sessions.  To complement this event,
AFTAC is in the process of developing a BAA which will closely mirror the
focus areas and tasks found in the notice.

If interested in attending, please see the attached notice detailing the
event and what is required to submit by 9 November.  You can also view the
posting on here:

Note: Interested respondents are requested to submit white papers (or capability statement if only
requesting attendance at the general sessions) and Attachment 1 via email address to and  no later than 5:00 PM EST, 9
November 2016.
Description: Attachment 1 2017 AFTAC Innovation Days, in the, “Innovation Days Notice” box.