The European Union (EU) has a network similar to our Institute for Nuclear Materials Management but with a closed membership enjoying recognized expert status for nonproliferation needs in the EU. This network is known as the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA) and includes national regulatory authorities, operators of nuclear facilities, and research centres and universities from the EU only.

ESARDA’s main objective is to assist the European safeguards community with the advancement of safeguards, enhancing the efficiency of systems and measures, as well as investigating how new techniques can be developed and implemented.

CNEC is now formally an affiliate member of ESARDA (along with ORNL, PNNL and LANL) through efforts put forth by Yousry Azmy and Rob Hayes to obtain this status. This means that although CNEC does not get a vote on research recommendations, policy or protocols within ESARDA, it does mean they do get a seat at the table during discussions of the same. By having this voice in ESARDA, US research can be leveraged in EU efforts to optimize collective designs and capabilities in nonproliferation work.