The IEEE standard “ANSI N42.54-2018 – American National Standard Instrumentation and Systems for Monitoring Airborne Radioactivity” has just been released which was chaired by NC State Nuclear Engineering Department faculty member Robert B. Hayes.

The scope of this standard encompasses monitoring all types of airborne radioactivity including aerosols, noble gases, iodines, and tritium in the workplace, in effluent, and in the environment. This standard includes initial design, manufacture, minimum performance, performance testing, calibration, and maintenance requirements. This standard covers both real real-time monitors and air samplers.

The purpose of this standard is to integrate the relevant materials from ANSI N42.17B, ANSI N42.18, ANSI N42.30, and ANSI N323C into a single standard. The intended users would be government and
commercial facilities having the potential for airborne radioactivity.

The standard can be found online at