Alain Lebrun, Director of the Division of Technical Scientific Services at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),

Below is the abstract for Mr. Lebrun’s presentation:

Challenges associated with introduction of technological innovations in the context of international safeguards

The existence of a proven technology is not the sole factor requiring consideration when introducing and adopting emerging technologies in the international safeguards context. The complexity of this environment, including the need to engage multiple stakeholders, induces a great diversity of boundary conditions and limiting factors. This lecture addresses the necessity of striking a balance between stakeholder interests, which often vary in terms of acceptance of innovations and respective focus on effectiveness and/or efficiency. This lecture will firstly provide a brief description of the operating environment within the IAEA Department of Safeguards. Then, through examples of our experience in introducing new technologies, will describe how associating gains in effectiveness with productivity and usability improvements can provide added value to different stakeholders and, ultimately, facilitate the implementation of technological innovations.

DISCLAIMER: Mr. Lebrun is not in a position to respond or comment on any question specific to particular countries or of a policy nature.