Postdoc Position Available at UT Knoxville

Postdoctoral Position Available at the University of Tennessee There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (UTK). The position will involve supporting a...

19th ESARDA COURSE on Nuclear Safeguards and Non Proliferation: Spring 2020

19th ESARDA Course Course Announcement The JRC Announces the 19th ESARDA COURSE on Nuclear Safeguards and Non Proliferation to be held in spring 2020 in the European Commission's Research Centre in Ispra, Italy Dates: March 30th - April 3rd 2020...

ANNETTE Training Course on Nuclear Safeguards

ANNETTE Training Course on Nuclear Safeguards Week 2: Forschungszentrum Jülich, 11-15 Nov 2019 Objective The course is aimed to provide an introduction to nuclear safeguards and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Following the efforts of the...

SRNL: Seeking Applicants for the Prestigious Eisenhower Postdoctoral Fellowship

Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) is pleased to offer the Dwight D. Eisenhower Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship to work toward solving complex energy and national defense challenges. SRNL is looking for the most qualified, forward-looking...

LLNL: University Relations Launches a Mini Faculty Sabbatical Program

The University Relations & Science Education Office (UR&SE) is launching a new faculty sabbatical training program to initiate more university–LLNL research collaborations. The program is designed to bring top academic talent from universities across the...

Article Co-Authored by CNEC Faculty and Students Featured on Cover of Algorithms Periodical

An article on urban source search that Drs. Ralph Smith and John Mattingly co-authored with students in Nuclear Engineering and Mathematics is featured on the cover of this month's issue of Algorithms (  Razvan...

LLNL: Center for Global Security Research Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019 Research Assistant Internships

The Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is now accepting applications for fall 2019 student research assistant internships.  This posting will close on August 9, 2019. Please share with any interested student or...

PNNL: Postdoc Position Available in FTIR/Optical Signatures

Postdoctoral Position Available in the Area of FTIR / Optical Signatures Link: Job Title Post Doctorate RA - Infrared Spectroscopy Job ID 309384 Location PNNL - Richland, WA Full/Part Time Full-Time...

IAEA: Junior Professional Officer Position Available

The Department of Nuclear Application of the IAEA is offering a Junior Professional Officer as per the linked job description with a focus on neutron generators.   Applications to this position are handled by ANL...

CNEC Fellow Joseph Cope Wins 2019 IEEE NPSS Graduate Scholarship Award

CNEC fellow Joseph Cope is a recipient of the 2019 IEEE NPSS Graduate Scholarship Award recipient, which recognizes outstanding contributions to any of the fields making up Nuclear and Plasma Sciences, within the first ten (10) years of an individual’s...

Our Vision

Create a preeminent research & education hub dedicated to the development of enabling technologies and technical talent for meeting the present and future grand challenges of nuclear nonproliferation.

Our Mission

Through an intimate mix of innovative research and development (R&D) and education activities, CNEC will enhance national capabilities in the detection and characterization of special nuclear material (SNM) and facilities processing SNM to enable the U.S. to meet its international nonproliferation goals, as well as to investigate the replacement of radiological sources so that they could not be misappropriated and used in dirty bombs or other deleterious uses.

The challenge problem for the Data Fusion and Analytic Techniques (DFAT) thrust area is to detect and characterize proliferation events and proliferation enterprise networks. DFAT focuses on the application of data science to nonproliferation problems.

S&O addresses the location of a point source of radiation in an urban environment containing fluctuating background and nuisance sources. S&O is concerned with improving existing and future detector systems by conducting multi-disciplinary research in uncertainty quantification and by analyzing individual sensor systems.

The Simulation, Analysis, and Modeling (SAM) team’s challenge problem is to develop methods that will enable the rapid localization of a radiation source in a cluttered, noisy urban environment.

Oil well logging tools are used around the world and, typically, contain curie-level Am-Be and Cs-137 sources. Our challenge problem is to find a suitable replacement for these radioisotope sources.


Total ambient dose equivalent buildup factors determination for NBS04 concrete

Duckic P, Hayes RB. Total ambient dose equivalent buildup factors determination for NBS04 concrete. Health Phys. 114, 569-581, 2018


Bayesian Metropolis Methods for Source Localization in an Urban Environment

J. Hite and J. Mattingly, “Bayesian Metropolis Methods for Source Localization in an Urban Environment,” Radiation Physics and Chemistry, accepted June 2018, available online at


Fusing Heterogeneous Data -- A Case for Remote Sensing and Social Media

H. Wang, E. Skau, H. Krim, G. Cervone, “Fusing Heterogeneous Data- A Case for Remote Sensing and Social Media,” to appear in the July-August issue of IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.


Slowing-down and stopped charged particles cause angular dependence for absorbed dose measurements

Amir A. Bahadori, Rajarshi Pal Chowdhury, Martin Kroupa, Thomas Campbell-Ricketts, Ana Firan, Dan J. Fry, Ramona Gaza, Stuart P. George, Lawrence S. Pinsky, Nicholas N. Stoffle, Ryan R. Rios, Cary J. Zeitlin, “Slowing-down and stopped charged particles cause angular dependence for absorbed dose measurements”, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2018.

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